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Move a WordPress Site to a New Host with All in One WP Migration

Instaling Log in to the dashboard , if you aren’t already. Select “Plugins > Add New” from the left side menu. Search for “All in one WP Migration” in the top right hand search field, then click “Install Now” when you find the correct plugin from ServMask. Click “Activate” to tun on the plugin.

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How to Install WordPress on Mac without xampp

  How to Install Wordpress on Mac without xampp * First .. you need to Install Full Webserver (Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin) :   - Open Terminal and write :  sudo apachectl start  your mac password  open safari and go to (localhost)  go back to terminal  sudo nano /etc/apache2/httpd.conf  remove “#” before #LoadModule php5...  sudo

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How to add WordPress free live chat support to your website

WordPress live chat support, Is a great and cool feature that you can add it free to your WordPress website.. So you can track you visitors live you will get notification once anyone entered you website. You will be able to see where he is browsing and where he is from, You can send invite

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How can WordPress + Google Adsense, change your life and make a decent income

WordPress is a huge industry.. Starting from the people behind WordPress to WordPress developers, WordPress Users, bloggers, Online Sellers,  Advertisers, etc. A huge industry 1000,000,000 of US dollars running and every one nearly using it every day. You can change your life using WordPress as your own magic stick. We all here about Google Adsense..

How to optimize WordPress website images for better page loading speed

WordPress Website loading speed. It is very important to check your website speed there are several way to test you WordPress website loading speed.... You can test it using GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights both sites will show you your WordPress website loading time plus report for all the issues. One of the famous issues is IMAGE

How to solve WordPress website HTTPS:// green lock not secure issue and mixed content issue

SSL Green lock not secure issue or mixed content issue.. Many of WordPress users and developers face this issue after installing and activating SSL Cert the SSL Secure green lock is not showing up. Most of  the time the main cause of this issue is calling HTTP requests over HTTPS. to be sure that it's

How to install and activate SSL Certificate on your WordPress Website easily

Today WordPress mechanic will show you how to activate and install SSL certificate on your WordPress website easily and safe.. First thing as we always recommend go ahead and backup your WordPress website database. And you can go to How to backup your WordPress website manually and using plugin.  After making a backup of your

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How to get a FREE SSL Certificate for your WordPress website In few minutes

SSL Certificate become very important and recommended for all kind of website, specially for websites accepting online payment or collecting personal information.. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is an internet protocol for securing data transfer between a user’s browser and the website they are visiting. Every internet user transfers information when they visit

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How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error in WordPress

WordPress 500 internal server error.. is a common issue, And today we gonna discuss what you have to do if you get it. first of all as we always recommend make a backup first. Most of time "500 internal server error" show due to a PHP error or .htacess error. Enable WordPress debug mode login

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How to create your own WordPress shortcode

Shortcodes are a great and powerful WordPress feature, allows you to add code (PHP, HTML, JS) on any place on your website.. also it is really helpful for building WordPress themes and plugins. It is one of the Major reasons makes most of the plugins compatible with most of the themes. also it can be