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Shopify VS WordPress

We’ve mentioned before Shopify VS WordPress which is best? and here we’ll show you The Main Difference Between Shopify and WordPress and when to use both of them

The main difference between Shopify and WordPress is that Shopify is an online tool/service, whereas WordPress is stand-alone software that you need to install yourself.

WordPress is nearly the perfect website platform, capable of running all kinds of websites. But if you want  to use WordPress there’s  a couple of catches :

  • To make your e-commerce store unique and original you need a brandable theme (design)
  • You have to install the wordpress on a web host yourself, configure it, and ultimately launch a website with it.
  • You have to install e-commerce Plugin such as WooCommerce 
  • You need to handle some standard options like Social Media and SEO, by download a plugin for it 

Shopify is made for people who might not have any website building or coding skills, yet still want to be able to create an awesome online store all by themselves.

To get started, you only need $9 a month. For that price, you get access to more than enough site designs and customization options. 

Shopify helps you set things like the inventory, taxes, shipping settings, and so on. In other words – it solves every last boring aspect of the business.


1If you already have a WordPress site and you want to minimize costs by not having to invest any more funds in a new e-commerce platform.If you want to integrate your online store with your offline on-location store.
2If you already have a WordPress site, and you’re familiar with the interface.If you don’t have any design, coding, or website building skills, and you don’t want to hire anybody to set an e-commerce store for you.
3If you’re comfortable experimenting with source code occasionally.If you don’t have any kind of website, and you want to launch a quality e-commerce store fast.
4If you can cope without any fast-reacting customer support.if you need a great e-commerce platform with access to customer support


Shopify VS WordPress :

  • If you don’t have a website yet, launch your e-commerce store with Shopify.
  • If you have a WordPress website already, just install WooCommerce and launch an e-commerce store as an element of that existing website.



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