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7 Reasons to use WordPress for your website

When you make your decision to create your website, the first question is what tool is good and easier to use. and of course the answer will be “ WORDPRESS ”.   Here we will show you the 20 reasons why you should use WordPress for your website.  Firstly, WordPress is a content management system

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How to Migrate Your Website with All-In-One WP Migration Plugin

You back up your photos to iCloud, and the documents on your computer to your portable hard drive, but what about your website? If something happened tomorrow, do you have a copy of your website that you could restore before the end of the day? Backing up your website means that you can have a

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How to set up and install WordPress on your website via Cpanel

  WordPress is very easy to install which makes it easy for anyone to create a website, because of this It powers over 33% of all websites on the internet. Here we will show you how to set up and install WordPress on your Cpanel step by step : Download the latest version of WordPress from

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How to Upload a File Using the File Manager?

How to Upload a File Using the File Manager?    File Manager is a web interface that allows you to manage all files associated with your account. You can upload your files directly through cPanel using the File Manager. To upload a file through cPanel's File Manager, please do the following: Login to cPanel.  

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Move a WordPress Site to a New Host with All in One WP Migration

Instaling Log in to the dashboard , if you aren’t already. Select “Plugins > Add New” from the left side menu. Search for “All in one WP Migration” in the top right hand search field, then click “Install Now” when you find the correct plugin from ServMask. Click “Activate” to tun on the plugin.

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How to Install WordPress on Mac without xampp

  How to Install Wordpress on Mac without xampp * First .. you need to Install Full Webserver (Apache, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin) :   - Open Terminal and write :  sudo apachectl start  your mac password  open safari and go to (localhost)  go back to terminal  sudo nano /etc/apache2/httpd.conf  remove “#” before #LoadModule php5...  sudo

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How To Fix Visual Composer not working with WordPress 5.0.1

Since the Last WordPress update 5.0.1 Visual Composer editor stopped showing up in the page edit. Today WordPress Mechanic will show you how to sort the Visual Composer issue with WordPress 5.0.1 The first way to sort this issue is by updating the Visual Composer to the latest version. The second way to sort the

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How to install WordPress on WampServer

Installing WordPress on WampServer is very useful for developing and testing WordPress websites, first we will need to install and activate WampServer on your computer, If you have it already installed you can skip the following step. Step 1:  Visit WampServer  website to download it. Select the proper WampServer for you machine (64 BITS or

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How to add WordPress free live chat support to your website

WordPress live chat support, Is a great and cool feature that you can add it free to your WordPress website.. So you can track you visitors live you will get notification once anyone entered you website. You will be able to see where he is browsing and where he is from, You can send invite

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