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How to optimize WordPress website images for better page loading speed

WordPress Website loading speed. It is very important to check your website speed there are several way to test you WordPress website loading speed…. You can test it using GTmetrix or Google PageSpeed Insights both sites will show you your WordPress website loading time plus report for all the issues. One of the famous issues is IMAGE OPTIMIZE.. There are many WordPress plugins for image optimization actually WordPress Mechanic don’t recommend using WordPress image optimization plugins. Today we gonna discuss the best way to optimize your WordPress website images. First thing you have to do is to backup you WordPress website.

Then you have to find images that need optimization, Navigate to Gtmertix  and analyze you website.

WordPress Mechanic GTmetrix Website Speed and Performance Optimization
You will get insight on how well your site loads and provides actionable recommendations on how to optimize it. Scroll to image optimize and expand the section.

Latest Performance Report WordPress Mechanic GTmetrixYou will find all the image that needs optimization with the reduction percent for each image.. Follow the images path and download it, Then navigate to tinypng this Website is a great tool to optimize your WordPress website images (PNG or JPG). Upload images that need optimization.

WordPress Mechanic TinyPNG – Compress PNG images while preserving transparency


Download your compressed images, it will be with the same name as you uploaded it. now you have to replace it on your WordPress website, You can do that using FTP or Cpanel. After replacing the images go back to GTmetrix analyze your website and check the difference ….


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