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How to install and activate SSL Certificate on your WordPress Website easily

Today WordPress mechanic will show you how to activate and install SSL certificate on your WordPress website easily and safe.. First thing as we always recommend go ahead and backup your WordPress website database. And you can go to How to backup your WordPress website manually and using plugin.  After making a backup of your database.

Also if you don’t have a SSL Certificate you can buy one or you can go here to know How to get a FREE SSL Certificate for your WordPress website In few minutes

Step 1

you have to verify the SSL certificate on your web server to make sure it is correctly installed. you can use any of those websites.

After Verifying that SSL Certificate correctly installed.

Step 2

You have to install and activate “Really Simple SSL” plugin it is one of the greatest free plugins to activate SSL on WordPress websites and solve HTTPS:// green lock not secure issue and mixed content issue. 

Now after you installed and activated the “Really Simple SSL” plugin. you will get this screen.

Plugins ‹ WordPress Mechanic — WordPress

Click on the blue button “Go ahead, activate SSL!” after SSL activated!  Don’t forget to change your settings in Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. Enjoy the HTTPS:// Secure Green lock on your website.

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